It's no secret that I'm an emotional person. In fact, whenever I post a beautiful wedding on Styled in Lace and I read the couples story and view their gorgeous photos, I almost always get teary-eyed as my heart swells with love for them. Add in a video of their love story? I'm just a crying mess!

Jane and Kristen, co-owners of Arrow & Knot Productions, know exactly how to feature their couples love story and create a timeless piece they will cherish forever. Their work evokes the true emotion expressed on their clients wedding day that leaves lasting impressions on its viewers. Read on to learn more about Arrow & Know Productions! 

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Tell us about your company.

We started Arrow & Knot Productions in 2016 after graduating college with a major in broadcast journalism. After spending time in newsrooms, we developed a passion for storytelling through video, and Arrow & Knot Productions came to be! We are a full-service premier videography business, specializing in wedding films. Simply put, wedding's is who we are! We've been in business since 2016.

How did you get involved in the wedding industry?

When we were still training in school, we purchased our first cameras on Black Friday, for fun! A dear friend of ours (Hey Katelyn!) was hosting an event called "The Indie Wedding Social" and we offered to make a video for the event, so we could test out our new gear! Following the event we immediately went back to our schools campus and started editing. We knew as soon was we hit "export" on that video that the wedding world was our scene, and all the fabulous vendors were our people. We were in our element, and were confident the wedding industry was one that we wanted to be a part of!

What makes your service unique?

Our background is in authentic story telling through video. Because of our training and job experience, we perfected the quality execution of each wedding video, from the booking process, filming, editing, to the delivery. Our standard is nothing less than the perfect wedding video, where no detail goes untouched... literally. We know this is going to be one of the best days of your life, and we take that very seriously! We do our best to be "flies on the wall" while capturing special moments that become memories for you and your loved ones to cherish for a life time. It's our goal to ensure that your wedding video will take you back to your day, as if you were reliving it all over again. 

What’s your best memory from your job?

Our most favourite memory from our job comes from our very first wedding. As the brides father saw her for the first time before walking her down the isle, the photographer walked by and said "you don't want to give her away now, do ya'?" Without him even taking his eyes off his daughter, he said "I never did... never did." Major. Goosebumps. And we captured it all on camera! We knew in that moment how special wedding videography truly was, and we felt so grateful that we could call ourselves wedding videographers.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to couples planning their wedding?

The best advice we can give a couple planning their wedding is to enjoy every moment. We know... cliché, BUT so often couples get wrapped up in colour schemes and budgets, when in reality, planning doesn't have to be as stressful as it seems! Your day will come and go so fast, and we may be bias, but we highly recommend videography, because when the dress is hung, the flowers are dried, and the guests have all left, all you'll have left is what was captured on that wonderful day.


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